The Dutch Republic

Below is a list of selected projects.

KLM (Royal Dutch Airlines) is the Dutch national airline. KLM operates a fleet of 200+ aircraft transporting 20+ million passengers each year. Together with KLM we developed an intranet portal for the general KLM management. (Technologies: Microsoft IIS, ASP)
KPN is the leading telecommunications and ICT service provider in the Netherlands, offering (mobile) telephony, internet and television to consumers, end-to-end telecommunications and ICT services to business customers. Project management and consulting with the development and implementation of a management information system (business balanced scorecard) for 3000+ KPN managers. (Technology: custom data warehouse software, Cognos products, Microsoft IIS, ASP)
Meijers is a relatively small (125 people) but very significant insurance broker. We periodically assisted Meijers management with their major IT decisions (multi year planning, standard and insurance software selection, hardware selection, supplier negotiation). We also trained a significant part of the employees on IT matters and co-developed the Meijers website.
Pecoma is one of the bigger IT and business services companies in the Netherlands. For Pecoma we deployed our intranet portal, the same as we deployed with KLM, for the first Pecoma intranet. (Technologies: Microsoft IIS, ASP)
PNO Media is a pension fund specializing in the media broadcasting business. We helped PNO Media set up and implement their internet strategy by building an electronic banking web application and a web-based system that allows employers to upload and update information about their employees. (Technologies: Java Web Server)
In the Netherlands and in Belgium De Slegte is a very well known chain of bookstores. De Slegte specializes in discount books ('ramsj') and used books. The Dutch Republic was a partner of De Slegte for many years:
  • We built the corporate website (Java Web Server);
  • We acted as consultants, on the IT-infrastructure among other subjects;
  • We built a prototype and consulted on a website for the selling of used books and the fulfillment of those orders (Java Web Server);
  • We did the software selection of their enterprise resource planning package. We then helped with implementing the ERP within the organization (Software: SAP).
SNS REAAL is a Dutch banking and insurance service provider. 'SNS Bank' and 'REAAL Verzekeringen' (REAAL Insurance) are the main brands. For the bank we did the program management for Basel II and the implementation of a Basel II compliant external reporting system. For the insurance company we are doing the program management for Solvency II.
Vereniging Openbare Bibliotheken (VOB, formerly NBLC) is a service organization for public libraries in the Netherlands. At the time a 'never done before'-like challenge, we created the first versions of Boekbalie ('Book counter') and the first versions of its sister site Literatuurplein ('Literature plaza'). Both sites offered access to a database containing information on all books ever published in the Netherlands. Boekbalie is the product of a collaboration between VOB and KBB, KBB is the main Dutch bookseller organization. (Technologies: Java Web Server, ProstgreSQL)
Yarden is a Dutch funeral service provider. Yarden has almost a million members each of which has funeral insurance through the company. Project management software selection for a customer relation management system (CRM) for the front office. Later in the process we consulted on the implementation of the CRM. (Technologies: Siebel)
At The Dutch Republic we also do some projects for ourselves. We created some iPhone apps and we have more apps in development. If you are in need of an experienced Mac OS X or iPhone OS (iPhone/iPad/iPod touch) developer, you might want to consider us. We can help you with all steps that lead to a great application, including server-side components.