The Dutch Republic

Unsolicited Idea Submission Policy

Below is our 'Unsolicited Idea Submission Policy'. When you submit anything to us, no matter in what way, you are bound to this policy.

The Policy

The most powerful tool that we have to make our services and products better is the feedback from our customers. We encourage everybody to send us bug reports, questions and ideas about how to make our existing services and/or products fit your needs better. It is an important way for us to learn how to best satisfy the needs of our customers.

While we also encourage everybody to send us their ideas about new services or products, (marketing) strategies, concepts, etc; we must make it clear that any idea submitted to us, either by word of mouth, email, telephone or other means immediately becomes the property of The Dutch Republic b.v., without compensation to you.

This means that if we develop your idea or an idea similar to yours, you will not be compensated and it also means that we can use the idea for any purpose, even give them to others.

Any feedback you provide shall be deemed to be non-confidential. The Dutch Republic b.v. shall be free to use such information on an unrestricted basis.

A short story

Allow us to tell a short story. We were working with a client once who was in charge of 'new business development' for the company he worked for. At some point they had a group of about 20 people established inside that company, the group would work on a new product they envisioned. About six months later, the group was half way by then, clients and other people came up with the same idea and submitted it to the company. Hundreds op people had the same idea! Most of them thought they were the only one with that idea. Another six months later the new product was released, a lot of the people who submitted the idea felt bad because they thought it was their idea. Which it was, but a lot of other people, including the company itself had the same idea. If those people thought they were the only one with that particular idea, they were wrong.

A purpose of policy above is to avoid potential misunderstandings, the one above is just one example, or disputes when The Dutch Republic b.v.'s products or strategies might seem or are similar to ideas submitted to us.