The Dutch Republic

The Dutch Republic is about software development, enjoying life, the ultimate user experience, consultancy (focusing on the financial sector), being authentic and thus being different, about adding value and about being fair.

The Dutch Republic is a small company based in The Hague in the Netherlands. Its current directors, Roelof Roos (LinkedIn, Blog, Twitter) and Gabe Langhout (LinkedIn) , founded the company in 1998. We do consultancy, develop non-basic websites and we develop (and sell our own) software for iPhone OS and Mac OS X. We love and enjoy Cocoa.

Currently, we have two iPhone apps in the iTunes App Store: Mr Right and Mrs Right, both part of a series called 'The Dutch Vibe'. Read more about it here.

The consultancy specializes in complex website development/project management and the flow of financial information in large corporations, mostly in the banking and insurance sector. For example, we know all about implementing Basel II and Solvency II. Yes, totally different than the Mac and iPhone stuff. Current and former clients include KPN (the Royal Dutch telecommunications company), KLM (the Royal Dutch airline), Yarden (an insurance company), Pensioenfonds PNO Media (a pension fund) and SNS REAAL (a bank / insurance company). For a list of 'selected projects' please click here.

Some people may think The Dutch Republic is a country. There used to be a country with that name but that was centuries ago. Today our country is a kingdom, not a republic, called 'Netherlands' and it is part of the European Union. We have a queen, Queen Beatrix, and we love her. Her offices, Noordeinde Palace, are in The Hague too, just as our offices. Her home, Huis ten Bosch Palace, is also in The Hague, around the corner from our offices. We like her office better than ours. We prefer her home above ours too.